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Dog Sledding

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to ride on a sled like the men and women of the Iditarod? A few hours north of Boston, Muddy Paw dog kennel in Jefferson New Hampshire can offer you just that. As an active shelter for sled dogs, the kennel has adopted entire teams from as far as Alaska, and offers tours of the white mountains from seasoned tour guides.

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Mount Washington Observatory – Shift Change

Today was the final day of an incredible week on the summit of Mount Washington. I saw everything from thick fog, to the shimmer of the atlantic ocean. I can’t thank the crew enough for their hospitality and willingness to share their lifestlye on the summit of the highest peak in the east.

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Beautiful Sunset and 85mph Winds

Last night we experienced winds that topped out at 85mph, and were strong enough to send you cartwheeling with a single wrong step. By morning it had cleared, and we were greeted with a beautiful sunrise, and a day of amazing visibility.

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