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The Cranberry Harvest

In the early 1980′s my grandfather (featured in the red hat and sweater) bought a cranberry bog in Massachusetts, and sold his first barrel of berries to Ocean Spray. Today his bogs have grown to over 40+ acres, and contribute as many as 7,000 barrels of red and white berries to Ocean Spray every year.

harvest from Whit Haynes on Vimeo.

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Boston Time-lapse

I spent most of my free time in 2012-2013 shooting time-lapse sequences around Boston to use in this film. I was using a motorized slider from Kessler and was constantly on the hunt for a new view of Boston. I have already begun working on a new Boston Time-lapse film, and will be releasing that some time next year. Thanks for watching!

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Ice Racing – Lee Pond NH

Every winter, eager racers prep their cars and test the pond ice, waiting to plow out their frozen racetrack. I grew up attending these local races, and always was looking for an excuse to go back. So, with a snow storm brewing and perfect pond conditions, I drove north. It wasn’t long before I tracked down the New Hampshire Ice Racing Association on a frozen pond just south of Wolfeboro. Check out their website for details on upcoming races.

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FIRST Robotics – Lewiston Maine

The F.I.R.S.T robotics competition in Lewiston Maine brought together high school teams from across the region. This year, they will compete in robot style ultimate frisbee, and will be required to both pick up, and throw frisbees across the field. Additional challenges are given to earn extra points, such as hanging from the center pyramid at the end of the round.

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