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Mount Washington Observatory – Shift Change

Today was the final day of an incredible week on the summit of Mount Washington. I saw everything from thick fog, to the shimmer of the atlantic ocean. I can’t thank the crew enough for their hospitality and willingness to share their lifestlye on the summit of the highest peak in the east.

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Beautiful Sunset and 85mph Winds

Last night we experienced winds that topped out at 85mph, and were strong enough to send you cartwheeling with a single wrong step. By morning it had cleared, and we were greeted with a beautiful sunrise, and a day of amazing visibility.

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Day 2 – 6,288 feet

Yesterday afternoon I boarded a snowcat with the crew of the Mount Washington Observatory, and headed up the auto-road with fresh supplies, and a stack of pelican cases. Each week the crew rotates, and hands off the station duties to their counterparts. I am lucky enough to be spending a week working with this devoted […]

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